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Using the Collaborative Learning Center - Our Policies

  • The CLC is open to all students currently enrolled in the College of Science and Engineering.
  • If you have not been vaccinated, we strongly recommend that you wear a face mask.  Vaccinations are available at the Student Health Center. 

  • All students entering the CLC are required to check in by swiping their ID card in the card reader at the front desk.
  • Please bring your Texas State student ID with you.

Our Tutors

The purpose of our tutors is to assist or guide students so that they become independent learners. CLC Tutors are STEM majors in the H-LSAMP Scholars Program. Tutoring is a volunteer service that they provide as members of H-LSAMP, and they can easily be identified as they wear H-LSAMP shirts and name tags. Please bring your textbook, class notes, and any attempted homework assignments with you when you come for tutoring. We have a STEM textbook library, TI83+ calculators, and model kits that can be used on-site to help you as well!

The CLC Tutoring Center has very good - but limited - space for tutoring students. 
Other than the H-LSAMP students, only students who are actively being tutored are allowed to be in the Tutoring Center. Once your tutoring session concludes, we will ask you to move over to our Computing Center if you have other work to do.


Students are expected to conduct themselves within the bounds of appropriate college classroom behavior and according to official Texas State University policies. Students should conduct themselves with respect for fellow students, for CLC staff and for CLC equipment and resources. No disruptive, discourteous, abusive behavior, or bad language will be tolerated. It is our policy to ask any student displaying inappropriate conduct and/or not following our stated policies to leave the center immediately.

Computer Usage

Students using computer resources for inappropriate or unapproved activities will be asked to log-off and release the computer station to other users.

Students should not save personal or class assignments on individual computer workstations. Data is wiped regularly, and we are not responsible for any data that is saved to the computers.


The CLC is a learning and study environment in which low-level discussion and study groups are both allowed and encouraged. Our space is collaborative in nature and design, but we do ask you to respect the need for quiet for the learning and studying that is going on around you. 

No Food or Drink

The CLC has a No Food or Drink policy for the entire center. There are several very nice seating areas immediately outside the CLC that you can use to eat your lunch, snacks, etc.