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H-LSAMP Scholar Activities

H-LSAMP students making buttons at the WiSE EXPO
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Advancing program goals through....

Specialized Knowledge:
STEM degree achievement; undergraduate research; faculty mentoring; science student organizations; academic and professional conferences

Broad, Integrated Knowledge & Intellectual Skills:
Interdisciplinary seminars; Common Experience events; Science Café film and book discussion group: G.O.A.L. group-oriented achievement and learning activities

High Impact Learning:
Summer REUs; internships; coops, job shadowing; teaching; peer tutoring; business and career skills development

Civic and Community Engagement:
Campus and community volunteer service; science student organization leadership and projects

RESEARCH  (Fall 2019 - Spring 2020)

Research Focus: Product Design Review: Rocketship
Scholar: Andrew Alvarez, industrial engineering
Research Supervisor: Dr. Tongdan Jin

Research Focus: Isolation of SLC22 Family in Zebrafish Retina
Scholar: Melanie Coles-Ruiz, microbiology
Research Supervisor: Dr. Dana Garcia

Research Focus: HPC Server Modelling using Benchmarking Performance Data
Scholar: David Johnson, electrical engineering
Research Supervisor: Dr. Damian Valles

Research Focus: Root Locus in Python
Scholar: Zachary Rangel
Research Supervisor: Dr. Rich Compeau

Research Focus: Mercury Content in Whale Sharks
Scholar: Jessica Hobbs, biology
Research Supervisor: Dr. Jessica Dutton

Research Focus: Stem Cell Research
Scholar: Diego Torres Martinez, biology
Research Supervisor: Dr. Shannon Weigum


RESEARCH  (Fall 2018 - Spring 2019)

Research Focus: Ragweed Fiber Extraction
Scholar: Andrew Alvarez, industrial engineering
Research Supervisor: Dr. Jitendra Tate

Research Focus: Central Texas Food Bank Mobile Pantry Routing
Scholar: Andrew Alvarez, industrial engineering
Research Supervisor: Dr. Eduardo Perez

Research Focus: Evaluation of a Passive Optical Fiber Daylighting System for Plant Growth
Scholar: Katherine Casey Ausanka
Research Supervisor: Dr. Bahram Asiabanpour

Research Focus: Investigation of ideal gene carriers for gene therapy
Scholar: Carlos Corona, chemistry
Research Supervisor: Dr. Gary Beall, Dr. Kevin Lewis

Research Focus: A War Flying Approach in Access Point Order Determination Using Received-Signal-Strength
Scholar: David Crowe, computer science
Research Supervisor: Dr. Mina Guirguis

Research Focus: Social Media Data Mining in the Transportation Sector
Scholar: Loraine Ribon Gutierrez, electrical engineering
Research Supervisor: Dr. Sasha Dong

Research Focus: Mercury Content in Whale Sharks
Scholar: Jessica Hobbs, biology
Research Supervisor: Dr. Jessica Dutton

Research Focus: Performance Modelling High-End Servers Using Benchmark Analysis
Scholar: David Johnson, electrical engineering
Research Supervisor: Dr. Damian Valles

Research Focus: Organic Semiconductor Material Research
Scholar: Zachary Rangel, electrical engineering
Research Supervisor: Dr. Alexander Zakhidov

Research Focus: Natural Language Processing Sentiment Analysis
Scholar: Zachary Stence, computer science
Research Supervisor: Dr. Vangelis Metsis

Research Focus: Building a robot to compete in the IEEE Region 5 Robotics Competition 
Scholar: Michael Tellez, electrical engineering
Research Supervisor: Dr. William Stapleton

Research Focus: Advanced Curation Research
Scholar: Michael Tellez, electrical engineering
Research Supervisor: Dr. Christopher Snead

Research Focus: Improving robot arm's functionality for the Amazon picking challenge 
Scholar: Daniel Valle, electrical engineering
Research Supervisor: Dr. Fred Chen


American Medical School Association Conference, College Station, TX, Fall 2019 
►attendee: Maireny Mundo

Society for Women Engineers (SWE) National Conference, Anaheim, CA, Fall 2019
►attendee: Katherine Ausanka

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) National Conference, Phoenix, AZ, Fall 2019
►research poster: Dennise Trevino
►attendees: Andrew Alvarez, Eduardo Becerra, Javier Ortiz, Keondre Parker, Loraine Ribon Gutierrez, Miguel Hernandez, Zachary Stence, Zachary Rangel. Alex Tejada, Michael Tellez

Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS), Anaheim, CA, Fall 2019
►research poster: Edgar Torres
►attendee: Diego Torres Martinez

Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science National Conference (SACNAS), Honolulu, HI, Fall 2019
►attendee: Jessica Hobbs

Great Minds in STEM, Orlando, FL, Fall 2019
►attendee: Javier Ortiz

National Hispanic Science Network, New Orleans, LA ,Fall 2019
►research presentation: Melanie Coles-Ruiz

Symposium for Undergraduate Research Exploration in the College of Natural Sciences, Austin, TX, Fall 2019
►attendee: Edgar Torres (first place)

Joint Meeting of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists, Provo UT, Summer 2019
►research poster: Jessica Hobbs

HSI STEM Impact Summer Undergraduate Research Experience, Texas State University, Summer 2019
►research poster: Edgar Torres

TXST Undergraduate Research Conference, San Marcos, TX, Spring 2019
►research poster: Andrew Alvarez, Keondre Parker

Texas Power and Energy Conference, College Station TX, Spring 2019
►research paper: Katherine Casey Ausanka

University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign Hackathon, Champaign IL, Spring 2019
►attendee: Laura Godinez

NSBE National Conference, Detroit, MI, Spring 2019
►attendees: Keondre Parker

Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) Annual Conference, Texas State University, Spring 2019
►attendees: Holly Streber, Kayla Streber, Keondre Parker, Jessica Hobbs

SHPE Leadership Development Conference, San Antonio TX, Spring 2019
►attendees: Andrew Alvarez, Zachary Rangel, Loraine Ribon Gutierrez

Semiconductor Research Corporation Tech Con, Austin, TX, Fall 2018
►research paper: David Johnson

SACNAS Conference, San Antonio TX, Fall 2018
►research posters: Andrew Alvarez, David Crowe, David Johnson,
►attendees: Diego Torres Martinez, Jessica Hobbs, Dennise Trevino

SHPE Conference, Cleveland, OH, Fall 2018
►attendees: Daniel Valle, Keondre Parker, Manuel Garcia, Andrew Alvarez, Michael Tellez

TXST Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry Undergraduate Research Symposium, San Marcos, TX, Fall 2018
►research poster: Carlos Corona

SWE National Conference, Minneapolis, MN, Fall 2018
►attendees: Cassie Krapfl, Katherine Casey, Madisen Weaver

NSBE Region V Conference, Dallas, TX, Fall 2018
►attendees: Keondre Parker

Sigma XI National Conference, San Francisco, CA, Fall 2018
►attendee: Loraine Ribon Gutierrez

National Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching, Fort Worth, TX, Fall 2018
►attendee: Jessica Hobbs

TedX Annual Conference, Texas State University, Fall 2019
►attendee: Carlos Corona

Summer '19 NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates

Jessica Hobbs (biology) – Tropical Ecosystems Research, TXST in Ecuador
David Johnson (electrical engineering) – Semiconductor Research Corporation, TXST
Keondre Parker (manufacturing engineering) – Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
Dennise Trevino (electrical engineering) – Systems Engineering, TAMIU at Laredo, TX

Summer '19 STEM Internships

Andrew Alvarez (industrial engineering) - Ford Motor Company, Dearborn MI

Katherine Casey Ausanka (manufacturing engineering) - Caterpillar, Waco TX

Loraine Ribon Gutierrez (industrial engineering) - Minigrip, Seguin TX

Miguel Hernandez (electrical engineering) - Chevron, Houston TX

Javier Ortiz (industrial engineering) - Booz Allen Hamilton, San Antonio TX

Zachary Rangel (electrical engineering) - Lockheed Martin, San Antonio TX

Zachary Stence (computer science) - Emerson, Round Rock TX

Alex Tejada (electrical engineering) - Dell, Austin TX


Alkek Little Library
American Chemical Society (ACS)
City of San Marcos
Hays County Food Bank
Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) 
Latinos in Science and Engineering (MAES)
National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)
Society for Women in Engineering (SWE)
Society of Electronics and Electrical Engineers (IEEE)
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)
Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)
Texas State University Athletic Academic Center
Texas State University Brilliant Bobcats
Texas State University Biochemistry Club
Texas State University Bobcat Build
Texas State University Honors Student Association
Texas State University Leadership Institute
Texas State University Student Support Services