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Science Café Film & Book Discussion Group

Spring 2019 will mark our 25th gathering of H-LSAMP students who love to read, talk about books and  film, and explore ideas about life and science woven into compelling stories.

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Science Café participants are expected to engage in this activity by paying careful attention to the details in the selected film or book, taking the time to learn about the science, history, and/or culture that informs the plot and themes and, importantly, actively contributing to group discussion.

We share a home-cooked dinner prior to our discussion, which we hope will not only stimulate appetites but also good conversation. A shared table builds community! That's why we call it Science Café!

Ms. Susan Romanella (H-LSAMP Director), Dr. Greg Passty (Professor, Dept. of Mathematics), and Dr. Karen Lewis (Assistant Professor, Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry), lead our seminar-style discussions by providing questions for a close reading of chosen books and guide our analysis and criticism of chosen films.

SPRING 2019 SCHEDULE:  We will meet on two WEDNESDAY evenings:

Wednesday, April 10 - 6:30-7:30PM - in the CLC
This evening will be a student-led discussion of the book ( thinking, clearing up confusions, idea sharing, and pizza night).

Wednesday, April 17 - 6:30-8:30PM - in the CLC
This evening will be a “home cooked dinner & dialogue” where we continue our discussion with Ms. Susan Romanella, Dr. Greg Passty, and Dr. Karen Lewis facilitating for the group.

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The mosaic below is a history of the books and films we have read and discussed over the years.....